Summer 2012

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From the Dean

Howard Part, M.D., Dean

2012 is a year of transitions for the Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine. I will be stepping down as dean on October 1 when Marjorie Bowman, M.D., M.P.A., professor and founding chair of the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, will become the sixth dean of the medical school. This year, we also said farewell to the medical school’s second dean, William D. Sawyer, M.D., who passed away in March at the age of 82.

It has been my distinct honor and privilege to serve as dean of the Boonshoft School of Medicine for the past 14 years. The successes and accomplishments of the medical school during my tenure are the direct result of the outstanding leaders, faculty, staff, and students at the Boonshoft School of Medicine and Wright State University. The opportunity to work with these exceptional individuals and observe the growth of the medical school has been the highlight of my career. I thank you all for your dedication, compassion, scholarship, and service to our mission—the education of the next generation of physicians, research to find the treatments and cures of tomorrow, and service to improve health care in our community.

Dean Bowman

I would like to welcome Dr. Bowman to the Boonshoft School of Medicine. Dr. Bowman comes to us from the University of Pennsylvania where she serves as professor and founding chair of the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, and director of the university’s Center of Public Health Initiatives. As a family medicine physician and director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Center of Public Health Initiatives, she brings with her a wealth of experience and commitment to community partnerships that will serve the medical school’s mission well.

Thank you all for your generous support through the years. Without the tireless work of the Wright State family and our alumni and friends, none of this would be possible. I look forward to reading about the future successes of the Boonshoft School of Medicine in these pages for many years to come.

Howard M. Part, M.D.

What's Inside this Issue:

Vital Signs, Summer 2012

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Fall 2003

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Spring 2003

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Fall 2002

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Spring 2002

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Fall 2001

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Spring 2001

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Winter 2001

After the M.D.; The Changing Marketplace of Medicine; Hyperbarics-New Depths of Understanding; Forensic Psychiatry: Where Law and Medicine Meet; Advancement; The Abouhassan Family; Class Notes; Of Primary Interest; Upcoming Events

Fall 2000

Children Benefit from Joint Efforts; The Weekend Intervention Program-A Ticket for the Road to Recovery; Wright State Receives $5.8 Million for Research on Gulf War Syndrome; Truth and Consequences: Medical Students Look at Teen Smoking from a New Perspective; Fordham Health Sciences Library: Treasures from the Past; Elizabeth Berry Gray Endows Chair of Surgery; The Center for Brain Research: Charting the Next Frontier; Faculty Notes; Student Notes; Alumni Class Notes; New Faces

Spring 2000

Students Extraordinaire-Marvell Scott, Elizabeth Leman, Heather Pfeffer, Marion Gregg; Simulated Patients-Almost the Real Thing; Wright State's Brain Research Investigates a Diversity of Structure and Function; Reach Out Teaches Lasting Lessons About the Value of Volunteerism; Mark Marinella, M.D.; Alumni; Advancement; Of Primary Interest

Winter 2000

Exploring Research as a Career; New Technique Enhances Clinical Decision Making; Unraveling the Mysteries of Cell Division; John Bullock, M.D.; Jennifer Green, Class of 2000; The Charter Class '80; Advancement; Dr. Jennifer James ('98); Scarecrow, by Laurie A. Bankston, M.D. ('99)

Fall 1999

25th Year In Retrospect; Turning On Light bulbs-Howard Part, M.D.; Psychiatry and Spirituality-Opposing Forces or Healing Partners?; Basic Research in Emergency Medicine Studies Brain Swelling; Surgeon General David Satcher Takes Times To Listen To Dayton's Youth; Public Lessons In The Science of Medicine; Al Batata, Chair, Department of Pathology; and Deb Hendershot, IDTL; The Charter Class: An Update; Faculty Notes

Spring 1999

Travel Medicine Center prepares Dayton for Global Health, Match Day:Rite of passage, Medical Innovations grant program, Parents-Again, Richard DeWall, John Beljan, Advancement, Of Primary Interest, New Faces

Winter 1999

Anniversary Issue Series: Community; The Founders' Vision, One Community's Story, The Bigger Picture-Community-Based Medical School with Heart and Soul, World View: A Sampling, Roger Pacholka, Phyllis Cole, Advancement, Of Primary Interest, New Faces

Fall 1998

Anniversary Issue Series: Creating a National Model for Medical Education; Nurturing the Qualities that make a Good Doctor, Vantage Points-Students, Basic Science Faculty, and Basic Clinical Faculty; Maurice Kogut, Lesley Meeker, Advancement, New Faces, Of Primary Interest

Spring 1998

Anniversary Issue Series: Building a Research Center of Excellence; Community-A solid foundation, Research Infrastructure, Form Follows Function, Community-oriented Research, Preparing Tomorrow's Researchers, The Model for Tommorow's Cures, Research Structure without Walls, Preparing for the Future, Dennis Moore, Deborah Vetter, Advancement, New Faces, Of Primary Interest

Winter 1998

Developing Tomorrow's Doctors; The Curriculum for Tomorrow; Compounding the Interest on Our National Sleep Debt; A Passage to India: "It will make you a better doctor"-Partha Banerjee, M.D.; Bringing National Recognition Home; Cheryl Mann, M.D.; Kelvin and Kalvin Wiley, Advancement, Of Primary Interest

Fall 1997

Changing the Face of Emergency Medicine in China; Teaching Family Medicine in a Small Town; Outreach Workers Advance Research Efforts; Medical Students Apply What They Learn; Screenings for Skin Cancer; Megan Baker; Lawrence Prochaska, Ph.D.; Of Primary Interest; New Faces

Spring 1997

Meet the Class of 2000; Trauma Training; Middle Ear Implants; Legal Issues in Elder Care; Health Risk Assessment; Linda Barney, M.D.; Advancement; Of Primary Interest; New Faces

Winter 1997

Aerospace Medicine; Electives-Enriching Student Experiences; New Cell Line; Volunteers Meet A Community Need; Graduate Medical Education; James Augustine, M.D.; Jan Austin, M.A.; Advancement; Of Primary Interest; New Faces

Fall 1996

Women in Medicine; Training Physicians: A Dynamic Process; Women's Health: An Emerging Field; Forming Supportive Networks; Kindergarten: Another Community to Serve; Profiles: Mary White, Ph.D., Faculty, and Stephanie Ours, B.A., Staff; Advancement; Of Primary Interest; New Faces/Appointments


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