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Dr. Cambronero receives award

Dr. Cambronero Named Honorary Professor at Chinese School

Dr. Cambronero lecturing in China

Julian G. Cambronero, Ph.D., was awarded the title of "Honorary Professor" at Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China, on April 10, 2012, for his international standing as a leader in cell signaling. He was nominated by Dr. Hong-Juan Peng, a visiting professor in Dr. Cambronero's lab two years ago and with whom he has established scientific collaborations in the field of Rho-GTPases and cell migration. The ceremony was officiated by the dean of Southern Medical University (Dr. Zou) and the university provost.

Southern Medical University is located at the foot of picturesque Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou in the Guangdong province, about an hour from Hong Kong. In addition to its premier international scholar standing, it has been awarded a "first-class, garden-like" university, for rows of green trees nourish and bouquets of flowers blossom on the campuses all through a year, due to its tropical climate. Dr. Cambronero and his wife, Teresa Madrid, took the opportunity to visit the city of Guangzhou and also other landmarks of historical China.

Dr. Cambronero at the podium
Dr. Julian Gomez-Cambronero at the podium with his Chinese hosts

Dr. Cambronero with Chinese hosts
Dr. Gomez-Cambronero and his wife, Teresa Madrid, with their Chinese hosts.