Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Michael Leffak, Ph.D., Interim Chair

Gerry Alter

Gerald M. Alter, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
Office: 050 Diggs Lab
Lab: 065 Diggs Lab
(937) 775-2466
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Ph.D.: 1975 Washington State University (J. Magnuson)
Postdoctoral: Harvard University School of Medicine (B.Vallee)

Research Interests:

The research interests of the Alter laboratory are focused on protein/enzyme three dimensional structures, protein structural dynamics, and protein/enzyme activities, all under in vivo conditions. We are pursuing these interests by employing a combination of computational and experimental methods which will lead to an understanding of the structural basis of protein and enzyme activity. Our laboratory predicts protein structures using computational methods and tests these methods by matching predicted with observed chemical and physical properties of the proteins. These methods are well suited for determining high resolution topology of multi-protein complexes. In fact, the Nucleotide Excision Repair complex is currently under investigation using these strategies. This complex is critical for both maintaining the fidelity of genetic information stored in DNA, and as a target for cancer chemotherapies. We are also examining enzyme complexes that are critical for coordinating mitochondrial and cytoplasmic energy metabolism using the same methods. Finally, enzymes responsible for detoxifying low levels of neoteric chemical toxins and chemical warfare agents are under study.

Selected References:

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