Research Affairs

Timothy Broderick, M.D., Associate Dean

Research Referral Policy for WSU Medical Students

The Office of Research Affairs works with Wright State medical students in good academic standing to help them find research experiences throughout medical school. Medical students must take the following steps to start the process.

1. Research Background and Interests: Use our online form to tell us about your previous research experience and the types of research that may interest you during medical school:

2. Advisor Meeting: After you provide information via the online form, schedule an appointment with Mark Willis ( to discuss research opportunities.

M1 students who are curious and eager to get involved in research are encouraged to participate in the Research Learning Community. Also consider enrolling in SMD 616, the M1 research elective. Enrollment in SMD 616 is handled by Student Affairs; the enrollment deadline is December 1. See the course description.

Medical students who seek referrals for extracurricular research projects must take two additional steps (which are also requirements for B1 and B2 research electives):   

3. Academic Standing: Ask Dr. Gwen Sloas ( in Student Affairs to verify your academic standing/eligibility to pursue an extracurricular research opportunity. M1 students must wait until completion of the Human Structures course to establish academic eligibility. Dr. Sloas will send a verification email to Mark Willis.

4. CITI Training: Wright State University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) requires all investigators (including faculty, students, and staff) who will be engaged in research with human subjects to complete the Basic Course in the Protection of Human Research Subjects offered online by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). WSU is a CITI participating institution, and the course is offered free of charge to WSU personnel. WSU requires the renewal of CITI training every three years. Please send a copy of your CITI course completion report to Mark Willis ( Read instructions for access to the online CITI course:

After you complete these steps. Mark Willis will refer you to BSOM department chairs and faculty who are most suitable for your research interests. Good luck!