Research Affairs

Timothy Broderick, M.D., Associate Dean

Medical Student Research Travel Award

The Medical Student Research Travel Award funds travel to a regional/national research meeting for a Wright State medical student with an accepted abstract/proposal for a poster and/or oral presentation. The award does NOT fund meeting attendance only; students must make a research presentation at the meeting.

Funding: The award funds $500 per student (one award per student per academic year). Funds can be used for travel expenses such as meeting registration, airline reservations, lodging and meals per WSU travel policies. Funds also may be used for the cost of printing posters.

Department Sponsor: The student is expected to seek matching support from her/his faculty mentor’s department, which is responsible for managing the WSU travel authorization/report process. Transfer of travel award funds to the sponsoring department will be managed by the BSOM Office of Research Affairs.  

Application Process: The medical student must submit an application package including 1) an application cover sheet (MS Word); 2) a copy of the proposal acceptance letter from the meeting sponsor; and 3) a copy of the accepted proposal abstract (MS Word). Applications must be submitted within one month of receipt of an acceptance letter and at least one month prior to the date of travel. Applications submitted after the date of travel will not be considered for funding. Applications will be accepted beginning July 1, 2014, and throughout the 2014-2015 academic year while funds are available. Submit the application package as email attachments sent to Amber McCurdy ( in the BSOM Office of Research Affairs. Be sure to CC your application email with attachments to your faculty mentor.

Selection Criteria: Applications are evaluated by the BSOM Offices of Academic Affairs (medical education research) and Research Affairs (other medical research categories). Criteria include robustness of the study, significance of the topic, and contribution to the field. Oral presentations will receive higher consideration than poster presentations. Priority will be given to medical students enrolled in BSOM research electives such as SMD 616, SMD 617, CMH 811, and SUR 820 (rather than student initiated electives).

Award Process: Notice of award will be made to the medical student and faculty mentor prior to the date of travel. Research Travel award funds will be transferred to the sponsoring department after meeting travel is completed.
Post-Award: Travel Award recipients must submit a one-page report about their research meeting experience within one month of the date of travel. Students are encouraged to present their posters locally at the BSOM Central Research Forum and the Medical Student Research Symposium.

More Information: For questions about travel awards for medical education research, contact Nicole Borges, Ph.D. ( in the Office of Academic Affairs. For questions about travel awards for other medical research categories, contact Amber McCurdy ( in the Office of Research Affairs.