Debra Mayes, Ph.D.


Debra Mayes, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Address: 155A Biological Sciences II
Phone: (937) 775-2019

Ph.D.: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Research Interests

My research focuses upon mechanisms controlling neurodegeneration and cancer. I have found that changes in oligodendrocytes, the myelinating cells of the brain, cause non-cell autonomous effects upon the surrounding neurons, astrocytes, and vasculature within the nervous system — causing the manifestation of neuropsychiatric behaviors and changes in the blood brain barrier. Because both cellular and behavioral phenotypes could be reversed with the administration of an antioxidant, my goal is to define the role of metabolism dysfunction in neurodegeneration and neuropsychiatric diseases as well as explore the roles of oxidants/antioxidants in cancer development and progression.