National Center for Medical Readiness

Rufus Smith, M.S.A., Director

The 445th Aerospace Medicine Squadron held a training exercise at Calamityville Sept. 9, 2012.

NCMR Can Help the Nation Meet Homeland Defense Needs

The National Center for Medical Readiness (NCMR) has a long-term commitment to civil-military collaboration, with training programs and an austere environment and infrastructure focused on the combined civilian-military response to disasters within the borders of the United States. NCMR has strong working relationship with the U.S. military’s health delivery elements, and NCMR has access to the best minds in both emergency/tactical medicine and the requisite command and control systems. These assets form the critical mass to deliver the kind of training and exercises, research, and testing required for meeting the challenges of “worst day” disaster scenarios.

NCMR offers uniformed services the following:

Domestic response exercises, including multi-level/interagency/civil-military response
  • Simple and complex exercises could leverage NCMRs expert team, the Joint Command Operating Research Environment (JCORE) emergency operations center, and well-established relationships with local, regional, state, and federal domestic response agencies/organizations.
Integration of military versus civilian response doctrines, use of new technology in disaster/austere environments, responding to special needs populations and planning for food safety considerations
  • NCMR has a founding role in the Food and Agriculture Protection Training Consortium (FAPTC), a national stage for food safety education and training.
  • Other NCMR capabilities include the medical logistics of hospital-oriented “surge capacity” response and experience with the Ohio Mortuary Response Team in responding to mass casualties.
  • NCMR offers trauma training based on combat casualty care practices.
Provision for highly monitored training/exercise scenarios

Click to view a slide show of the 445th Aerospace Medicine Squadron at Calamityville.