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Procedure number: 110

Revised: July 2013

Subject: Recruitment-Fully Affiliated Faculty (Regular)

The recruitment of a faculty member is the responsibility of the hiring department, including the financial support for all recruitment activities. These procedures are in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR § 656.17 and § 656.18).

The job posting is an online process (https://jobs.wright.edu/hr). Only those individuals trained to use the PeopleAdmin Online Employment System may create a job posting. Contact the Wright State University Human Resources (937-775-2120 or human_resources@wright.edu) for training information.

When recruiting faculty, follow the guidelines in these steps:

  1. Request to Recruit Faculty
  2. Source of Funding
  3. Search Committee
  4. Advertisement
  5. Interviews
  6. Request for Contract/Request to Offer Position
  7. Background Check
  8. Letter of Offer
  9. Candidate Response to Offer
  10. Completion of Recruitment
  11. Moving Expenses


The department must complete the Strategic Hire Request Form only if the position is funded by general funds, namely fund 190002. The Request to Recruit Faculty Approval Form must be completed for all faculty positions being recruited. Submit both forms to the Office of Fiscal Affairs for approval. The approved Strategic Hire Request Form will be forwarded to the provost's office (the department will be copied on the forwarding email) and the Request to Recruit Faculty Approval Form will be returned to the department. The provost's office will return the Strategic Hire Request Form (PDF version) to the department. Both forms should be attached as a PDF file to the PeopleAdmin position posting.

Before creating the posting on PeopleAdmin, the department should determine the source of funding for the position. If the position is funded entirely or in part by an affiliated hospital, the department will need a letter of intent. The department should:

  • keep a copy of the letter of intent for department files
  • attach the letter of intent as a document when posting the position on PeopleAdmin

The department creates a search committee, which may consist of faculty, staff, students, and residents.

The search committee must be identified and receive compliance training prior to the department submitting the PeopleAdmin posting. After the search committee completes the compliance training, the approved training certificate should be attached to the posting. The originator should also document the training in the comments section.

Note: Read the "Setting Up the Search" and "Search Committee Composition" sections of the WSU Recruitment Handbook found on the Affirmative Action Programs Web site.

The department will

  • The advertisement must state that all applicants must apply online at "http://jobs.wright.edu."
  • The advertisement should have a first considered date of at least 30 days from the posting date.
  • The advertisement should state "open until filled" if the department wants to keep the posting open for an extended search period.
  • The advertisement must state that "Wright State University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer."

  • The advertisement should be placed in a least one national professional journal (e-CFR § 656.18).

  • Affirmative Action will send the Precis Part I to the department.

  • A search for faculty will be national in scope.
  • The "Recruitment Resources" section of the WSU Recruitment Handbook found on the Affirmative Action Programs Web site provides resources for recruiting women or minorities.
  • The department should keep photo copies of the advertisements as they appear in journals.

Reviewing Applications
The search committee's duties are to

  1. accept applications until the deadline
  2. screen the applications in compliance with Affirmative Action policies
  3. select the candidates for interview. First visits are normally limited to three candidates.


Screening Applications
The department must



Requesting Interview (Affirmative Action Precis Part I)
The department must

submit the Precis Part I to the Affirmative Action Programs office (coordinate with the office for preference of fax or PDF file). Include the following items:

  • screening chart
  • photo copies of the advertisement as it appears in journals
  • mailing lists of departments and medical schools that were sent notices of the open position
  • curriculum vitae of candidates who are selected for interview
  • notification if a visa will be required for a candidate

  • The committee should not interview any applicants until Affirmative Action Programs office has approved Part I.

Conducting Interviews
The search committee will

invite the candidates approved in Precis Part I for interview

  • The committee should be consistent with all candidates by using the same basic itinerary for each candidate and using the same general questions.

The department must

  • The committee must document the criteria and rationale used for selecting the recommended candidate(s).
  • The appropriate associate dean will approve and return the Precis Part II to the hiring department and will forward a copy to the Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs and the Office of Fiscal Affairs.
  • The hiring department will send the signed Precis Part II to the Affirmative Affairs Program office.

After receiving approval for Precis Part II, the department must

Upon acceptance of the verbal offer, the department must

Human Resources will notify the hiring manager of the results. Note: Background checks take one to three business days.

The department may proceed with the letter of offer after receiving the results.

The department must

  1. the closing date contained in the specific position advertisements
  2. Affirmative Action approval
  3. hospital approval for positions that the hospital funds in part or in total

Note: If the position involves clinical service (seeing patients), the department will also prepare a draft letter of offer for the Wright State Physicians (WSP) in addition to the WSU letter. The template offer letters are

non-tenure clinical track offer letter (clinical)
non-tenure research track offer letter (including research faculty)
tenure track offer letter
WSP offer letter

WSP (only) offer letter FULL TIME
WSP (only) offer letter PART TIME

Note: If any changes are made to either offer letter after approval, the letter must be submitted again for approval.

If the offer is accepted, the department sends the following to the Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs:

  • original offer letter
  • completed Status of Position Offered form
  • current CV
  • Personnel Action Form (PAF available on-line)
    NOTE: Do not enter the applicant's Social Security Number on the PAF. Leave this line item blank.

If the offer is declined, the department completes the Status of Position Offered form and submits it to the Affirmative Action Programs office.

The department may proceed with an offer to a second candidate only after completing a new Precis Part II and following the procedures listed above (beginning with "Interviews"). If no other offers will be made, the department should inform the Affirmative Action Programs office of its plans, whether it plans not to fill the position, reopen the search, etc.

Note: Once the position is filled or the department has decided not to fill the position, the department should keep documentation of the search for three years.

The department must complete the recruiting process by updating the workflow actions for all applicants.

New faculty moving expenses are compensated in an amount up to one month’s annual salary. The cost is divided evenly between the department (50%) and the dean’s office (50%). Anything in excess of one month’s salary will be paid by the faculty member or an agreement with the hiring supervisor/department. The faculty member is responsible for contacting one of the awarded vendors to make moving arrangements.

For more information on Moving Companies UN-030 Household Moving Services Awarded Vendors, select Moving Services (household) on the IUC web page.



Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs: Stephanie Ours, stephanie.ours@wright.edu
Office of Fiscal Affairs: John Bale, john.bale@wright.edu
Wright State Physicians: Becky Bezich, becky.bezich@wrightstatephysicians.org

Updated 29 Mar 2014 (sho)

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