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Alan P. Marco, M.D., M.M.M., Associate Dean
Albert F. Painter Jr., Psy.D., Assistant Dean

Wright State University
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Code of Faculty Behavior Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Several faculty members of a clinical department belong to a local specialty society. Monthly meetings are held at a restaurant where food is provided free of charge, and diverse speakers are invited. The society receives support from pharmaceutical companies and device/equipment makers. On occasion, there is an industry-sponsored speaker. Does attendance at these meetings violate the new Conflict of Interest (COI) policies?

A. Most local, state, and national medical societies, organizations, or associations are supported in various ways by industry. The COI policy should not preclude membership, attendance at meetings, or other usual activities of the members of such societies, organizations, or associations.

Q. Under the COI policy are sales and marketing representatives allowed in BSOM and WSP offices to simply drop off promotional materials?

A. Industry reps are permitted in either BSOM academic offices or WSP clinical areas only by appointment and only for specific activities approved in advance by a department chair or departmental administrator.

Q. In the past, sales representatives provided lunch for a standing departmental meeting. Is this still allowed under the new COI policy?

A. Even small gifts change recipient behavior, which is exactly why industry has invested in providing gifts to physicians and their employees. No meals may be provided by industry in either BSOM or WSP premises. However industry may continue to provide funds directly to our academic departments for the unrestricted support of educational activities.

Q. A faculty member has been invited by a pharmaceutical company to give a talk to community physicians. Are they still allowed to do this?

A. Such speaking engagements would be considered consulting activities which are permitted under the policy. However the content should be completely developed free of industry and consistent with ACCME standards (Standards 2 and 3). Honoraria paid are subject to the Wright State Physicians Honorarium Policy.

Q. A WSU employee attends a yearly educational conference. Can their travel and hotel costs be paid for by Industry?

A. The policy allows travel costs to be paid by Industry only if the individual is speaking at the event, or providing other contracted services. Travel costs can not be paid for the individual to simply attend a conference.

Q. A faculty member is invited to attend an event that is provided by a sales representative or an industry sponsor. If the faculty member pays for their own ticket/meal, may they attend the event?

A. Paying for one's own meal at an industry sponsored gathering meets the letter of the BSOM policy. However attendance at the event, even without accepting a meal, may create the appearance of BSOM support for the activity and for the sales representative's or industry sponsor's corporate marketing goals.

Please direct additional questions to: stephanie.ours@wright.edu