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Resident Manual

Item 206
Physical Examinations and Immunizations
Revised July 1996

Physical Examinations
All residents must agree to a health evaluation upon initial appointment. The health evaluation may be done at the employing hospital. The institution providing the health evaluation shall absorb the costs of such evaluation.

All residents must have a TB skin test annually unless they are positive reactors, in which case they must have a chest X-ray annually. Residents must be in compliance with infection control policies of the affiliated hospitals.

Residents shall have the option of an annual follow-up health evaluation during the term of their employment.

Health evaluations shall include any testing required by the employing institution.

If the health evaluation reveals a condition requiring specific diagnostic studies or treatment, the resident is expected to choose a physician to conduct such studies or treatment. Costs not covered by the health insurance plan must be borne by the resident.

Because of occupational exposure to certain infectious agents, healthcare workers constitute an important target for immunizations. Many residents may be able to provide evidence of immunity or previous immunizations. If not, however, the following immunizations are required for all residents unless a specific contraindication to immunization exists:

  • Hepatitis B Vaccine
  • Rubella/Rubeola

In addition, all residents must be in compliance with the immunization policies of the institution which employs them.

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