Faculty & Clinical Affairs

Alan P. Marco, M.D., M.M.M., Associate Dean
Albert F. Painter Jr., Psy.D., Assistant Dean

Graduate Medical Education

GME Agreement and Contracts

Residents in BSOM sponsored programs sign two contracts--the Wright State University (WSU) Graduate Medical Education (GME) agreement and the contract with the residency program's fiscal agent. Military residents sign only the GME agreement as they have an existing employment contract as commissioned officers.

To view a contract, click on the name:

► WSU GME agreement

Dayton Children's Hospital contract (pediatrics)

Kettering Medical Center contract (emergency medicine, sports medicine)

► Miami Valley Hospital contract (aerospace medicine, cardiovascular, child and adolescent psychiatry, dermatology, family medicine, gastroenterology, geriatrics, hematology/oncology, hospice and palliative care, infectious disease, internal medicine, neurology, obstetrics/gynecology, orthopedic surgery, orthopedic trauma, plastic surgery, psychiatry, surgery, surgical acute care, surgical critical care)


Employing Hospital "Smoking" Policy

Residents who are under contract to the hospitals must complete a pre-employment health screening, which includes testing for the presence of nicotine. To view a policy, click on the hospital's name:

► Dayton Children's Hospital

► Kettering Medical Center

► Miami Valley Hospital

Resident Contract/Letter of Agreement

Benefit, condition, policy stipulated or a reference to in the WSU GME Agreement

Where benefit, condition or policy exists for residents' review

1. Resident responsibilities

Resident and Fellow Manual

2. Duration of appointment

Contract with employing institution

3. Financial support

Resident and Fellow Manual; Contract with employing institution

4. Conditions for reappointment

Resident and Fellow Manual

5. Grievance procedures and due process

Resident and Fellow Manual

6. Professional liability insurance, including tail coverage

Resident and Fellow Manual; Contract with employing institution

7. Health and disability insurance

Resident and Fellow Manual; Contract with employing institution

8. Leave of absence policy

Resident and Fellow Manual; Individual program policy

9. Vacation policies

Resident and Fellow Manual; Individual program policy; Contract with employing institution

10. Parental leave of absence

Contract with employing institution

11. Sick leave policies

Resident and Fellow Manual

12. Policy on effects of leaves on satisfying criteria for program completion

Resident and Fellow Manual

13. Duty hour policies and procedures

Resident and Fellow Manual

14. Policy on moonlighting

Resident and Fellow Manual

15. Counseling, medical, psychological support services

Contract with employing institution

16. Policy on physician impairment and substance abuse

Resident and Fellow Manual

17. Policy on sexual harassment

Resident and Fellow Manual

18. Accommodations for disabilities

Resident and Fellow Manual; Contract with employing hospital

19. Conditions under which living quarters, meals, laundry are provided

Resident and Fellow Manual; Contract with employing institution