Trip Coordinators:

Joe Rettig and Katie Jaap


Summer break (June-July). Usually 3-4 weeks depending on the number of students participating and what fits your schedule.


Approximately $3000, maybe more. The largest determining factor is airfare (usually $2000-$2300). This approximation includes housing, food, car rental, and weekend getaways.

Fundraising Options:Students in Swaziland

A local French Club collects money and donates it to the group each year. This usually amounts to a couple hundred dollars per person, depending on the number traveling. You are always encouraged to send letters to family, friends, churches, etc.

Vaccinations required:

Hepatitis A, Malaria prophylaxis

Visa Information:

Only a passport is required.

Pre-trip Information:

Informational meeting will be held in the Fall and Winter and actual trip preparation will start in late Winter or early Spring. We will meet with Dr. Roger Pacholka who is a Wright State alum and ER doctor at Miami Valley who travels to Swaziland several times a year. He will share valuable information about the country and hospital and what you should expect. We will also have a pre-trip orientation meeting with Dr. Kate Cauley.

Brief Description of Activities Onsite:

You will work at Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital during the week. You will have an opportunity to shadow doctors in the following departments - Internal Medicine, Ob/Gyn, Pediatrics, and Surgery. You will also have a chance to spend evenings and weekends in the ER and the labor ward.

Within the limitations of practice for a medical student having recently completed the first year of undergraduate medical education, you will be given as much responsibility as you are willing to take on, under the supervision of the local physicians. Outside of the hospital you will be able to visit various orphanages and game parks.

There will also be opportunity to travel with local groups to various parts of rural Swaziland to take part in the mobile clinics.

Country Info:
Other Information:

Housing is dormitory style at Raleight Fitkin Memorial Hospital, with all of the conveniences of home (hot running water, refrigerator, oven, microwave.) This makes working in the ER and L&D in the evenings very safe and convenient.There is an American style grocery store a few minutes from the house. You will be there during their Winter, but the weather is beautiful, 70s and sunny in the day, 40-50s at night.

You will be in the city of Manzini, which has a population of approximately 80,000. If interested in researching flight information, the Manzini airport code is MTS.