Residency Application Timetable

  • Register for the NRMP (all students should do this, even those seeking a military position; some military scholarship students may be approved to do a civilian residency; students seeking one of the advanced specialty (PGY-2) positions in Child Neurology, Neurotology, Ophthalmology or Plastic Surgery should also register)
  • Consult the Green Book (Graduate Medical Education Directory), available in Student Affairs, departmental offices, advisors' offices, most libraries, and on the Web
  • Consult AMA's FREIDA Online
  • Prepare Personal Statement(s)
  • Prepare a Curriculum Vita
  • Register for PGY-2 matches in Child Neurology, Neurotology, Ophthalmology or Plastic Surgery
  • July 1 begin working on MyERAS application
  • September 1: Programs begin downloading certified applications
  • Military scholarship students participate in the military selection process
  • Review your Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) in Student Affairs for accuracy
  • Provide a list of residency program addresses for the Dean's Letter (MSPE) if applying to non-ERAS programs
  • Request letters of recommendation; provide letter writer with CV and personal narrative; stamps and envelopes are not necessary; request a letter from the WSU department chair in your specialty(s) of interest
  • A few students will begin interviewing, this continues through January
  • Send thank you letters to program directors and other important interviewers
  • Review MSPE
  • The MSPE is sent on November 1 if reviewed by student
  • Military Match results are announced
  • San Francisco Advanced PGY-2 Specialty Match results are announced
  • Submit NRMP rank order list through Web
  • About mid-March, on a Monday, by logging in to the NRMP web site, students find out if they are matched or unmatched; at 2 p.m., unmatched students send applications through ERAS to programs with vacancies; on Wednesday at noon, programs begin making offers which are valid for two hours; the Match Day Ceremony is held at noon on Friday; all matched students receive envelopes containing their residency locations