Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Michael Leffak, Ph.D., Interim Chair

From the Lab of Julian G. Cambronero, Ph.D.

Co-localization of Phospholipase D2 (PLD2) and GTPase Rac2 in two "waves" in the cell's plasma membrane

This movie shows the composite of all images acquired through the z-axis of a cell, showing consistent localization of YFP-PLD2 and CFP-Rac2 at the plasma membrane throughout the z-stack. Fluorescent CFP and YFP images were acquired every 0.15 µm through 9 µm sample thickness (60 images) using an Olympus 60X Plan Apo objective (1.4 n.a.) on a DeltaVision RT imaging system. Images were processed for deconvolution and movie display using Softworx software (CFP images were pseudocolored red for display). [From the article in Mol Cell Biol. (2011) "The Dual Effect of Rac2 on PLD2 Regulation that Explains Both the Onset and Termination of Chemotaxis," by Peng, Henkels, Mahankali, Marchal, Bubulya, Dinauer and Gomez-Cambronero].