Computer Requirements for Incoming Students

ComputersThe Boonshoft School of Medicine uses state-of-the-art technology in the teaching process and, therefore, all medical students are required to own a personal computer with the capacity for using computer-based instructional materials. All of the instruction materials will run under either the Macintosh or the Windows platform.

General support to Windows and Macintosh users is provided by WSU Computing and Telecommunications Services (CaTS), but CaTS does not support specialized medical school applications. The decision whether to purchase a Macintosh or Windows-based computer must be made by each student.

All course content is located in WSU’s Learning Management system, Pilot. Pilot is accessible through most modern browsers such as the latest version of Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. You may check your browser compatibility for use with Pilot here. A mobile version of Pilot also exists which enables students to navigate using an iPad, tablet or other mobile device in order access most, but not all of the content. Some courses require the use of Respondus’ Lockdown browser, which is currently only available for the Windows and Apple operating systems.

Course audio and video files are available through iTunesU, which is accessible using Apple’s iTunes application.

Students are required to have a device capable of accessing course content.

Minimum Laptop Requirements:

Windows 7 or higher

2GB RAM 4GB recommended
Internal storage is dependent on how you will use your device.

Macintosh 10.7 or higher

2GB RAM, 4GB recommended
Internal storage is dependent on how you will use your device.

Most students choose to have computers with wireless technology capabilities. Wright State has a campus-wide wireless network accessible by anyone with a WSU account user name and password. For more information about the "Wireless Connect" on campus, visit the CaTS wireless site.

During the first two years of medical school the majority of the course exams are administered on iPads that are owned by the school. Although a tablet computer cannot yet fully replace a laptop, many students find the use of a tablet for their course work and developing facility with note-taking, highlighting, and indexing of content using one or another of the available tablet applications to be very beneficial. Every effort is made to develop content that will load on a tablet. All course note packs are converted to PDF and any videos are compressed in the standard MP4 CODEC. We encourage students to be as “paperless” as possible in their academic endeavor.

If you do not already have a computer that you believe is suitable for medical school and would like to purchase a new computer, your financial aid budget may be increased by up to $2,000 on a one-time-only basis to pay for it. This may be done at any time during your four years at the Boonshoft School of Medicine. Contact Michelle Feichtner in the Office of Student Affairs Financial Aid more information.

Software and operating system upgrades

Wright State University also has special licensing agreements that allow us to distribute a wide variety of software programs to students and employees. Software is provided either free or at a minimal charge. Available packages include the Microsoft Office suite, Windows and MacOS operating system upgrades, McAfee virus protection software and much more.

Check out the WSU software licensing page for details.

Shopping Resources

These e-commerce sites on the web do not offer specific discounts to Wright State students, but they can be an excellent source of product reviews, technical notes and price comparison information. Remember, be extra cautious whenever purchasing items over the phone or the internet.