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The majority of the links below connect you to articles through OhioLink which means full and free access to most articles for WSU faculty and staff. Articles are listed in descendent chronological order of publication:



12 Tips for Doing Effective Team-Based Learning (TBL™)
Parmelee, D.X., and Michaelsen, LK
Medical Teacher; 32:118-122. 2010.

Team-Based Learning™: Moving Forward in Curriculum Innovation: A Commentary
Parmelee, D.X.
Medical Teacher; 32:105-107. 2010.



Characterizing the Quality of Learning-Team Processes in Medical Education: Development and Validation of a New Measure
Thompson BM, Levine RE, Kennedy F, Naik AD, Foldes CA, Coverdale JH, Kelly PA, Parmelee D, Richards BF, and Haidet P. Academic Medicine, Research in Medical Education: Proceedings of the Forthy-Eighth Annual Conference, 8:10, 124-129, October 2009 Supplement.

Medical Students' Attitudes about Team-Based Learning™ in a Pre-Clinical Curriculum
Parmelee, D.X., DeStephen, D., and Borges, N.J.
Med Educ Online [serial online] 14:1; 2009.



Factors Influencing Implementation of Team-Based Learning™ in Health Sciences Education
Thompson BM, Schneider VF, Haidet P, Perkowski LC, Richards BF
Academic Medicine: 2007 Oct; 82(10 Suppl):S53-6

Team-Based Learning™ at Ten Medical Schools: Two Years Later
Thompson BM, Schneider VF, Haidet P, Levine RE, McMahon KK, Perkowski LC, Richards BF
Medical Education: 2007 Mar; 41(3):250-257

Peer Evaluation in a Clinical Clerkship: Students' Attitudes, Experiences, and Correlations with Traditional Assessments
Levine RE, Kelly PA, Karakoc T, Haidet P
Academic Psychiatry: 2007 Jan-Feb; 31(1):19-24



Team-Based Learning™: A Promising Strategy to Foster Active Learning in Cancer Education
Haidet P, Fecile ML
Journal of Cancer Education: 2006 fall; 21(3): 125-128

Using a Media Centre to Facilitate Team-Based Learning™
Ortega RA, Stanley G, Snavely A
Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine: 2006 June; 29(2):61-65

Team-Based Learning™: A Strategy for Interprofessional Collaboration
Rider EA, Brashers V
Medical Education: Volume 40, issue 5 (May 2006), p. 486-487



Active Learning in a Year 2 Pathology Curriculum
Koles P, Nelson S, Stolfi A, Parmelee D, DeStephen D
Medical Education: 2005 Oct; 39(10):1045-1055

A Pilot Use of Team-Based Learning™ in Psychiatry Resident Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Education
Touchet BK, Coon KA
Academic Psychiatry: 2005 Jul-Aug;29(3):293-296

Team Learning in a Medical Gross Anatomy Course
Vasan NS, DeFouw D
Medical Education: 2005 May; 39(5): 524.

A Comparison of In-Class Learner Engagement across Lecture, Problem-Based Learning, and Team Learning Using the STROBE Classroom Observation Tool
Kelly PA, Haidet P, Schneider V, Searle N, Seidel CL, Richards BF
Teaching and Learning in Medicine: 2005 Spring; 17(2):112-8

Team-Based Learning™ in a Medical Gross Anatomy and Embryology Course
Nieder GL, Parmelee DX, Stolfi A, Hudes PD
Clinical Anatomy 2005 Jan; 18(1): 56-63

Drawing Conclusions from the Team-Learning Literature in Health-Sciences Education: A Commentary
Michaelsen LK, Richards BF
Teaching and Learning in Medicine: 2005 Jan; 17(1):85-88

Adaption of Team Learning to an Introductory Graduate Pharmacology Course
Dunaway, GA
Teaching and Learning in Medicine: 2005 Winter; 17(1):56-62



Transforming a Clinical Clerkship with Team Learning
Levine RE, O'Boyle M, Haidet P, Lynn D, Stone MM, Wolf DV, Paniagua FA
Teaching and Learning in Medicine: 2004; 16(3):270-275

A Controlled Trial of Active versus Passive Learning Strategies in a Large Group Setting
Haidet P, Richards B, Morgan RO, Wristers K, Moran BJ
Advances in Health Sciences Education: 2004; 9(1):15-27



Team Learning Method for Delivering Case-Based Teaching in Rheumatology to Medical Students: A Pilot Trial
O'Rourke KS, Nowacek G, Gorney B, Lambros A, Ober KP.
Arthritis and Rheumatism, 2003; 48(9:suppl): S705
(article not available online)

The Effect of Using Team Learning in an Evidence-Based Medicine Course for Medical Students
Hunt DP, Haidet P, Coverdale JH, Richards BF
Teaching and Learning in Medicine: 2003; 15(2):131-139

Team-Based Learning™ Enhances Long-Term Retention and Critical Thinking in an Undergraduate Microbial Physiology Course (pdf)
McInerney, MJ
Microbiology Education Journal, 2003; 4(1):3-12

Team Learning in Medical Education: Initial Experiences at Ten Institutions
Searle NS, Haidet P, Kelly PA, Schneider VF, Seidel CL, Richards BF
Academic Medicine: 2003 Oct; 78(10 Suppl):S55-8

Validation of an Observation Instrument for Measuring Student Engagement in Health Professions Settings
O'Malley KJ, Moran BJ, Haidet P, Seidel CL, Schneider V, Morgan RO, Kelly PA, Richards BF
Evaluation & Health Professions: 2003; 26(1):86-103

The Impact on Work-Related Stress of Mental Health Teams Following Team-Based Learning™ on Clinical Risk Management
Sharkey SB, Sharples A
Journal of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing: 2003 Feb; 10(1):73-81



Incorporation of Active Learning Strategies into the Classroom: What One Person Can Do
Janet L. Stringer, MD, PhD
Perspectives on Physician Assistant Education: 2002; 13(2):98-102*(Search and download a PDF)
*This journal is now called: Journal of Physician Assistant Education

An Initial Experience with "Team Learning" in Medical Education
Haidet P, O'Malley KJ, Richards BF
Academic Medicine: 2002; 77(1):40-44



Application of Team Learning in a Medical Physiology Course
Seidel CL, Richards BF
Academic Medicine: 2001 May; 76(5):533-534